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Our Services For Sellers and Managers

As the owner or manager of a property with multiple rental units, you have a difficult job with many responsibilities. Or as a seller, you have an involved process ahead of you. At Link NY Realty, we pride ourselves in providing specialized services to owners and managers that cut your costs, save you time, and reduce your stress levels all while increasing the quality of service provided to your tenants.

We Value Your Time

At Link NY Realty, we believe in being honest with our clients. We intend to lease or sell every property we take on, and if we do not believe we can close on your property – we will not take the contract. We invest in the marketing of each property we take on board to assure the quickest possible close, and believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to only work with properties we believe we can move.

  • Rapid assessment and evaluation of new properties.
  • We work quickly – and seven days a week.
  • We respond to client inquiries within one hour.
  • We advertise heavily on all major Real Estate websites, and use our resources to ensure that your property is featured on these sites.
  • We show properties seven days a week, at any time the property is available.
  • Our team collaborates on each property to make a match as quickly as possible, and will provide you with weekly updates on the statuses of all your listings.
  • Properties are often leased on same day of viewing due to tenant pre-screening.
  • We pre-qualify all of the potential tenants in advance. Can’t check credit and backgrounds? We have you covered.


Why Lease or Sell Your Property through Us?

Our team works every day to upgrade our tools, increase our knowledge of the local area, and ensure we provide New York area owners and managers with a suite of services unparalleled in the region.

  • Your unit(s) will not just be listed, but featured as well.
    What does this mean for you? Exposure, and much more of it. Working with websites that allow featured listings guarantees your units will be seen as a result for every fitting search.
  • The most open houses in New York.
    We find no reason to wait for a curious tenant or buyer to ask to see a listing, but we believe in finding them ourselves instead. We know every slightly interested buyer, tenant, or passerby can be turned into a potential client.
  • Weekly detailed reports.
    You never have to take it on faith that we’re delivering on our promises regarding our services: we’ll provide weekly comprehensive reports that breakdown the traffic each listing gets, both online and off, the dates and turnouts of all open houses, and the extent of our marketing efforts.
  • Free CMAs
    At the start of our professional relationship, and whenever you would like another, we will build a Competitive Market Analysis for you, to give you a brief snapshot of the market conditions, and inform you as to current price ranges and trends.
  • Your listings will be immediately shared with all online databases.
    Over thirty thousand agents within almost two thousand different agencies in New York City, and over nine thousand in HGAR, and many thousands nationwide through MLS and the National Association of Realtors, depend on these databases to find and evaluate listings for all curious potential clients. Quality representation and professionalism is paramount in marketing an attractive listing.
  • What do all these efforts mean for you?
    Exposure, exposure, exposure. An invisible listing gets no offers, so we believe that ensuring the maximum in both exposure and professionalism greatly increases the chance of extremely quick closings. This is our goal.
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