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  • Why list exclusively with Link NY Realty?

    At Link NY Realty, we are proud to offer an extensive list of services that we provide to those who list exclusively with us. We constantly work for our clients to the best of our ability, and generate the most high quality exposure for their property as possible.

    What does it mean to market an exclusive listing?

    Signing an exclusive listing agreement means allowing one real estate firm to assist in renting your property, granting access to all the resources and extensive personal services they have to offer. Don’t be afraid of trusting a single broker with your property; not only will you receive an extensive and personal service unavailable to open listings, but our exclusive contracts are binding for thirty days only. We truly believe we can achieve success in this time frame and expect repeat contracts from satisfied clients. In the event that we cannot deliver on our promise, we welcome you to quickly move on and not waste any of your time.

    What does it mean to market an open listing?

    Having an open listing means, as the owner or manager, you are allowing multiple real estate agencies to list your property at the same time. As an open listing, the property can only be advertised on craigslist and shared within a company’s client database. On average, an open listing apartment will rent in about 40-60 days. An open listing won’t be featured in the regulated databases of listings, such as Multiple Listing Service or REBNY or many others, and will only get a small fraction of the exposure.

    What we can do for your exclusive listing:

    At Link NY Realty we take pride in and feel a strong sense of responsibility for each and every property we list. We also understand the amount of time and commitment that is involved in successfully leasing a property, including finding qualified reliable tenants to guarantee long-term client satisfaction. If you don’t have the resources to run credit and background checks yourself, don’t worry! We’ll take care of that for you. This being said, when properties are listed exclusively with Link NY Realty, we can dedicate our full time and share all of our advertising outlets in order to rent the property as quickly and efficiently as possible. We know how important it is to you to make sure your property isn’t on the market for extended period of time, and we recognize how valuable your time is.
    Please note, to save you time and money, every time we find a new tenant for your unit or you buy property with us, we’ll provide a professional cleaning service to guarantee a spotless unit and happy tenant or occupant. There’s no question: at Link NY Realty we go above and beyond to allow your property to gain the maximum amount of quality exposure possible.
    We will market your property in the top-rated real estate advertising outlets such as:
    Naked Apartments
    The New York Times
    eBay Classifieds
    The New York Post
    Yahoo Homes
    Aol Real Estate
    MSN Real Estate
    Our Client database
    And Many More
    In addition to these ample resources, we will also do as much as we can to advertise your property in the most professional manner possible. At Link NY Realty, we will personally take care of having professional quality photographs taken of your property in order to generate impressive, high quality advertisements. We will create specialized marketing materials tailored exclusively for your property using the new photos and creative layouts. We are also proud to say that among New York area real estate firms, ours holds the largest amount of open houses, granting your property the most in-person exposure as well. We will also feature our exclusive listings on top rated real estate advertising websites in order to guarantee the highest level of online exposure.

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